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Is your desktop teeming with icon clutter gone wild? Okay, maybe the files, folders and shortcuts to your apps are placed strategically to blend in with the aesthetic of your wallpaper but maybe not. I bet there’s a bunch of files you parked on your desktop all the way back from who knows when and for who knows what.

On top of the population explosion overflow on your desktop, maybe your download folder is bulging at the seams with hundreds if not thousands of files that you knew you needed at some point in time but how far back in time are we talking about?

Downloading things may be a hobby (like collecting fusion hip hop/fusion hip hop[1] from wherever you can find it) or it’s stuff that you need to get a job[2] or paper[3] done but whoa Nellie(!)–before you can shake a stick at it, it’s become a habit and you’re just downloading anything left and right and that’s probably not a good thing.

Why? Because that blackhole now known as your downloads folder has no rhyme nor reason; there may be doubles, heck, files-in-triplicate (or more) lurking around in your downloads folder of that one download that you wanted a bunch of times only you didn’t remember you’d already downloaded it way back when. And then again. And yet again.

If consistency has any meaning here, then your amount of email–or emailssssss, for the many who amass multiple emails for their multiple online personalities–is equally over the top.

You may see this at work when you repeatedly get messages from the IT department that your emails are near maxing (or have already maxed) the limit of allowable storage space. Personal email services are more generous enabling Inbox emails to grow exponentially. Hey, anytime you wanna trip down memory lane all you gotta do is just go back to your first emails–sometimes you’ll find gems from old picture attachments or set your mind to thinking about so-and-so you haven’t heard from in a million years.

Speaking of pictures, now that digital cameras and cell phones have unleashed the inner photographer in us all, how great is it to know you can take pictures until the cows come home[4] and not have to worry about running out of film since memory cards are a dime a dozen (sorta) or you can upload your shots on the multitude of photo storage sites and start over again with a blank slate.

Maybe you can live with mountains of data but perhaps your CPU prefers otherwise regardless of how many external hard drives or cloud storage you connect to.


If you decide enough is enough, you can find all sorts of tips or apps online on how to cut the clutter. Then again, one man’s clutter is another man’s treasure. That thing from way back when that you obviously didn’t need all these years, well, might be okay to have now…

Or not.

00 – introduction
01 – pick your ePoison
02 – plug in or be obsolete
03 – eJunk in the trunk
04.1 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 1: IN THE BEGINNING
04.2 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 2: STRANGE MISSILES
04.3 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 3: HUNGER
04.4a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4a: ANOTHER DIMENSION
04.4b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4b: SPOTTED!
04.5a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5a: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
04.5b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5b: SEE WHAT I SEE?
04.6a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6a: DARKNESS
04.6b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6b: LIFE AND DEATH
04.7a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7a: LIFE IS SUFFERING
04.7b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7b: FREE WILL
04.8 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 8: LAY IT ALL OUT/FINALE
05 – kDrama: Arang and the Magistrate/Reply 1997/The Great Doctor
06 – jDorama: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu
07 – the evil that lurks behind the web curtain
08 – back to the future: The King of Dramas 드라마의 제왕
09 – of turkey and vampires: Let the Right One In vs Twilight

[1]Gotan Project – Mi Confesion by Lunatico
[2]U.S. National Library of Medicine
[3]The Wittliff Collections
[4]cows & cows & cows, music available at http://cyriak.co.uk/music.html