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RECAP from previous Episode 7a:
So I couldn’t get the dang thing off my chest; its head was flopping in my face.

Episode 7b: FREE WILL

Anytime I take a step, the head smacks me in the face. Really?

In the meantime, all the other s/he/its were zipping around in the air oblivious that one of their brethren is stuck on me, dead to the world. The heck with it–this is worse than claustrophobia. I gather all my inner chi/chi and make like I’m gonna strangle myself but instead of my neck, it’s that s/he/it’s neck I squeeze and with thoughts of Popeye on a spinach high in my head, I rip the freakin’ thing off of me.

Free at last! Only…

(Final episode(s)* coming up…)

*it’ll either be Episode 4.8 as a whole or with parts a and b, depending…

[1]step/There She Is – Step 1: “There She Is!!” – Uploaded by Madamegato: There She Is!! (떳다 그녀!!) is a Flash cartoon series produced by a three-person team and hosted on the Korean website SamBakZa; the series about a romance between an anthropomorphic bunny and cat, in a world where such relationships are taboo, generated a large amount of positive feedback from its online audience, including fan art, which drove SamBakZa to produce more cartoons in the series, which won the 2004 Anima Mundi animation festival in Brazil, and first place in both the Web Animation – Professional Jury and Web Animation – Audience divisions, as well as winning the Special Award Anima Mundi Web
[2]face/Doll Face – Uploaded by andrewhu: Andrew Huang is a commercial and music video director living in Los Angeles whose career started when his dark sci-fi short film “Doll Face” went viral on YouTube, earning him attention from J.J. Abrams, William Morris Endeavor and numerous international festivals and galleries
[3]zipping/Closeup: Water Striders Zipping Along Guadalupe River – Uploaded by fmims, Forrest Mims is an electronics author whose writings have been honored for excellence by the Computer Press Association and has appeared in magazines and science journals, including Nature, Scientific American, Science, Popular Photography, New Scientist, Sky & Telescope, Popular Mechanics, Physics Today, Electronics, PC Magazine, and IEEE Spectrum; Forrest’s consulting clients have included the National Geographic Society, the National Science Teachers Association, and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center; he teaches experimental Earth science once or twice a year at the University of the Nations at their campuses in Kona, Hawaii, and Lausanne, Switzerland; he was named a Laureate in the Rolex Awards for Enterprise competition for his efforts in establishing a global ozone measuring network that used instruments of his own design
[4]stuck/”Stuck!” 2010 Movie trailer HD – Uploaded by pipistrello2004: STUCK! is director Steve Balderson’s homage to film noir women-in-prison films, faithfully re-producing the genre with a modern, tongue-in-cheek twist but with all the hallmarks of a classic prison movie: wrongly accused heroine, hard boiled dames, diabolical alliances, forbidden love, cat-fighting cuties, a sadistic warden, and corrupt prison guards; STUCK! stars Karen Black, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, Mink Stole, Stacy Cunningham, Starina Johnson and Pleasant Gehman
[5]claustrophobia/Claustrophobic’s Nightmare – Uploaded by theGetRealGuy: Hinkle Horn Honking Holes are flowstone squeezes that are the only way through for the Nettlebed Cave, a limestone cave located in the Mount Arthur region of the northwest South Island of New Zealand; due, primarily to the difference in air pressure and temperature of the top entrance at approximatley 1100 metres altitude and the bottom at 300 metres, the airflow through these holes literally “honk” with a sound resembling a raging waterfall
[6]chi/Star Wars Tai Chi – Uploaded by maraizon: In traditional Chinese culture, qì (aka chi or ch’i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing, frequently translated as life energy, life force, or energy flow, the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts; concepts similar to qi can be found in many cultures, for example, Prana in Vedantic philosophy, mana in Hawaiian culture, Lüng in Tibetan Buddhism, and Vital energy in Western philosophy with elements of the qi concept also be found in western popular culture, for example The Force in Star Wars
[7]chi/Fausto Leali-“A chi”1967, Uploaded by anncage: Fausto Leali is an Italian singer, famous for his rough and aggressive voice, in sharp contrast with Italian melody conventions; His first real success was “A chi” in 1967 (an Italian version of an 1954 American song “Hurt”, written by Roy Hamilton, which was also issued years later by Francesco De Gregori), which sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc
[8]spinach/Ultimate Spinach – Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess, Uploaded by agata44poison: Ultimate Spinach comprised of keyboardist/guitarist Ian Bruce-Douglas and singer Barbara Hudson was a psychedelic/hard rock/blues band of Boston’s alternative scene in the second half of the 1960s, but since 1970, the band has largely abandoned the psychedelic sounds and have (since at least 1975) dropped all of the 60s songs from their setlists (with the exception of ‘Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess’ and a few from the third album)
[9]freakin’/LFO “Freak”, HIGH QUALITY VERSION – Uploaded by ImperialPimp: LFO, comprised of Gez Varley and Mark Bell, is an English electronic music act who pioneered the bass-heavy techno, IDM, and acid house music of the late 80s to mid-90s; the group’s name is derived from the abbreviation for the term low-frequency oscillator, a synthesizer function widely used in electronic music
[10]last/ DeniseVlogs Presents : Last Visit, Uploaded by DeniseVlogs: Denise Kass writes, produces and acts in thriller videos she uploads on YouTube

00 – introduction
01 – pick your ePoison
02 – plug in or be obsolete
03 – eJunk in the trunk
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04.4a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4a: ANOTHER DIMENSION
04.4b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4b: SPOTTED!
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04.7a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7a: LIFE IS SUFFERING
04.7b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7b: FREE WILL
04.8 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 8: LAY IT ALL OUT/FINALE
05 – kDrama: Arang and the Magistrate/Reply 1997/The Great Doctor
06 – jDorama: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu
07 – the evil that lurks behind the web curtain
08 – back to the future: The King of Dramas 드라마의 제왕
09 – of turkey and vampires: Let the Right One In vs Twilight