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RECAP from episodes 1 – 3:

When me and the birds flew to the moon, the tree dripping with lollipops/lollipops and Blackberries vanished the moment bobbleheads popped out of bubbles and came crashing down shattering into millions of pieces that regrouped, morphing into giant strips of turkey bacon but when we bit into them…


Poof! We were each individually transported into another space and time. I dunno what happened to the birds but where I was seemed like something from the future. There were lots of people all over only they weren’t walking around; it was like they were swimming in the air–not like the crawl, more like the breaststroke or treading and diving in the air, swim/flying around other people or swooping/swooping into tall, thin building structures.

No “cliffhangers” on this episode because previous episodes have been too heavily laden with video links so bear with me while I spread out the links
Recap videos will no longer be listed since you can easily find the information on the
Links 04 page or just by googling it

List of links only for Episode 4a:

[4.1]Poof/PooF – Uploaded by thecomputernerd01
[4.2]individually/Be Individual – Uploaded by JuBaFilms: We are a 4-headed young filmteam [sic] who specialize in dance shortfilms.
[4.3]space/Space Launch Gopher – Funny: music by The WiseGuys, “Ooh La La (Album Version)”; The Wiseguys was a British electronica and hip hop band comprised of Touche (Theo Keating) and Regal (Paul Eve); the “Ooh La La” track from the second Wiseguys album, The Antidote, was a minor UK hit until it was re-released as a single and went to #2 in the UK Singles Chart following its use in a popular TV commercial for Budweiser
[4.4]I dunno/I Dunno – Published by noelkristi
[4.5]to the birds/The Amazing Lyrebird of Australia – Unseen Footage: Uploaded by waverlyflams
[4.6]something from the future/Smosh : THE FUTURE SUCKS! – Uploaded by smosh: a look into who has a better future–the one who looks for jobs or the one who dumpster dives for celeb locks
[4.7]lots of people/People making rain sounds – Uploaded by avlgal
[4.7]lots of people all over/John Lennon’s Opinion about Over Population – John Winston Ono Lennon (1940 – 1980) was an English musician, singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of The Beatles, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music; he moved to New York but was deported by then President Nixon for his political and peace activism, in particular, his criticism of the Vietnam War; Yoko Ono (オノ・ヨーコ(小野 洋子) is a Japanese artist, author, and peace activist, known for her work in avant-garde art, music and filmmaking as well as her marriage to John Lennon
[4.8]walking/Mayer Hawthorne “The Walk” 10/17 – Mayer Hawthorne, is an American singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, DJ, rapper and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles
[4.9]swimming/The Definitive Synchronized Swimming Skit – Performed by Aaron Cardon, Ben Campbell, and Jeff Barton at Mesa High School during the 2005 school year to “La Donna E Mobile”; original idea of the Moffats and the older brothers in the familybarton/uploader
[4.10]crawl/John Lee Hooker – crawlin king snake blues: Hooker (1917 – 2001) began his life as the son of a sharecropper who became a highly influential American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist performing his own unique ‘talking blues’ style that was his trademark similar to the early Delta blues but metrically free often incorporating the boogie-woogie piano style and a driving rhythm into his blues guitar playing and singing
[4.11]breaststroke/Circus Acrobatics : How to Do a Swimming Acrobat Move – Uploaded by expertvillage
[4.12]treading/Lesley Gore – Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) – Gore is an American singer best known for her 1963 pop hit “It’s My Party”, which she recorded at the age of 16
[4.13]diving/Fox Snow Dive – Yellowstone – BBC Two
[4.14]swim/flying/Swim Bird Fly – All That You Said/Unravel live: Swim Bird Fly is an Alternative, Electroacoustic, Psychedelic, TripHop, Experimental, Indie Folk music band from Germany made up of members: Barbara Padron-Hernandez, Johnny Park, Alex Szirtes and Stephan Kappler; their first CD was released in November 2011
[4.15a]swooping/Dazz Band Swoop i’m yoursSoul Train [sic] – the Dazz Band is an Grammy Award-winning American funk music band that was most popular in the early 1980s, its name describing its music, “danceable jazz” (not to be confused with Brick’s “Dazz” lyrics, “Jazz dazz, disco jazz”)
[4.15b]swooping/One Swoop Fell – Never the Task at Hand, Uploaded by David Dutton: One Swoop Fell is a web comic created by Berkeley based illustrator, Mike Dutton, who was reprimanded by his second grade teacher for drawing comics instead of doing math
[4.16]tall/The Lacs – Tall Grass – Kenny Petrea: The Lacs is an American musical duo, Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and Brian “Rooster” King, performing country rap and Southern rock
[4.17]buildings/Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 storeys in 2 days (48 hrs) – Uploaded by RiceBoii4Ever with music by Black Moth Super Rainbow, an experimental psychedelic band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, consisting of Tobacco (vocals, synthesizer), Father Hummingbird (synthesizer, keyboards), The Seven Fields of Aphelion (sythesizer), Ryan Graveface (guitar, bass) and Iffernaut (drums)

00 – introduction
01 – pick your ePoison
02 – plug in or be obsolete
03 – eJunk in the trunk
04.1 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 1: IN THE BEGINNING
04.2 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 2: STRANGE MISSILES
04.3 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 3: HUNGER
04.4a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4a: ANOTHER DIMENSION
04.4b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4b: SPOTTED!
04.5a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5a: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
04.5b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5b: SEE WHAT I SEE?
04.6a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6a: DARKNESS
04.6b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6b: LIFE AND DEATH
04.7a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7a: LIFE IS SUFFERING
04.7b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7b: FREE WILL
04.8 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 8: LAY IT ALL OUT/FINALE
05 – kDrama: Arang and the Magistrate/Reply 1997/The Great Doctor
06 – jDorama: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu
07 – the evil that lurks behind the web curtain
08 – back to the future: The King of Dramas 드라마의 제왕
09 – of turkey and vampires: Let the Right One In vs Twilight