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RECAP of Episode 1

The three little birds and I flew to the moon where we saw a lollipops/lollipops and BlackBerries laden tree but when we went to pluck the pops, some kinda bubbly like thingies oozed up and started popping all around us. And what popped out from those bubbles were…



All kinds of bobbleheads, like baseball bobbleheads, hockey bobbleheads, Star Wars bobbleheads, ‘N Sync/Conan bobbleheads, hawaiian bobbleheads, Star Trek, Betty Boop, Captain America, KISS… heck, anything-you-can-think-of bobbleheads!

Funny thing was, the moment those bobbleheads popped out of the bubbles, the tree was like, poof! It vanished into thin air, just like that!

Man, just when I was salivating for some sweet/sweet treats.

The thing is, when the bobbleheads popped out they eventually came crashing back down like guided missiles targeting us. We had to scramble for our lives, running in zig zags/zig zags to avoid the once innocent bobbles that shattered on contact into a million pieces. Just like in the movies, the shattered pieces regrouped, morphing into…

[1.1]Playing For Change – Three Little Birds
[1.2]Julie London – Fly Me To The Moon (1964)
[1.3]spoof of Immortal singing Lesley Gore’s “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”
[1.4]My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview
[1.5]How to Draw Trees
[1.6]Roufaida & Pluck – Chapter Closed (Live)
[1.7]Bubbling Springs Nature Preserve uploaded by LTConservancy
[1.8]Funky Lia Popping in Seoul South Korea | R16 Finals | YAK FILMS | Onra Music
[1.9]Justin Bieber – All Around The World (Live at Summertime Ball 2012)
[1.10]Longest Time to Keep the Eyes Popped out of socket – if anyone knows more on this, gimme a holler
[1.11]Giant soap bubbles – Bulles de savon géantes uploaded by toubaboo

Bobble-heads/parody of The Beatles who were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960 that became one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music whose band members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr each pursued successful individual careers

baseball bobbleheads/The Brewers baseball team is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so named because of the city’s association with the brewing industry

hockey bobbleheads/Nolan Baumgartner bobbleheads were given to the first 5,000 fans in the doors of MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Canada on January 23rd, 2011; Baumgartner is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman, currently an associate head coach with the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey League (AHL)

Star Wars bobbleheads/Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas first released in 1977 with its last installation in 2008

‘N Sync bobbleheads/’NSYNC was an American boy band formed in Orlando, Florida, in 1995 and launched in Germany by BMG Ariola Munich consisting of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass; their success was cut short when they announced a “temporary hiatus” in spring 2002, officially declared “definitely broken up” in 2007

Conan/How The 17-Foot Tall Conan Bobble Head Was Made – CONAN on TBS, Published by teamcoco: Conan Christopher O’Brien is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer and performer who hosts Conan, a late-night talk show that airs on the American cable television station TBS

hawaiian bobbleheads

Star Trek, Betty Boop, Captain America, KISS… heck, anything-you-can-think-of bobbleheads/The original Star Trek debuted in 1966, following the interstellar adventures of James T. Kirk and the crew of an exploration vessel, the Starship Enterprise, of a 23rd century galactic “United Federation of Planets”; Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer who made her first appearance in 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes; Captain America is a comic superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics, an intentionally patriotic creation often depicted fighting the Axis powers during World War II but reprised as a superhero team the Avengers; KISS is an American rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 known for its members’ white and black face paint, flamboyant stage outfits and elaborate live performances featuring fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits and pyrotechnics

Funny/UFJ Tsubasa Securities (aka Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) is the investment banking arm of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), a financial services company which is the largest in Japan measured by assets

bobbleheads/Nicholas Paul “Nick” Rimando is an American soccer player who currently plays for Real Salt Lake in Major League Soccer and the United States national team


tree/Miracle Tree in the forests of Andhra Pradesh

poof/Playhouse Throwback – Woof Poof Invades NYC! – “The World Freerunning Parkour Federation is dedicated to the safe and respectful advancement of the Parkour Movement throughout the world. Inspired by the creativity and mental discipline embodied by Parkour, the athlete/founders of the WFPF and their partners will faithfully bring this philosophy of movement to the growing numbers of optimistic young people around the globe who believe that through camaraderie, self-expression, and service to others, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.” [disclaimer: by all means necessary, be safe]

vanished/Magic Performance – Vanishing Scarf – Uploaded by videoshow2011

air/Air – La Femme D’Argent – Uploaded by vlmxs

just like that/KRS-One JUST LIKE THAT OFFICIAL VIDEO Prd.By MAD LION – KRS-One (acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone; aka Teacha) is an American rapper is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 BET Awards, for his work and efforts towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as overall pioneering of hip hop music and culture

Man/Homeless Man Under – Uploaded by Maxmailbag

salivating Digby: drool machine – Published by Ozymandyus

sweet/The Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen – Sweet (aka The Sweet) was a British rock band that rose to worldwide fame in the 70s as a prominent glam rock act, with their most prolific line-up: lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bass player Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker

sweet/The Sweet documentary All that glitters (1/2) – Uploaded by halemay

The thing/Girl Talk – Here’s the Thing – from Feed the Animals album by Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis), released on Illegal Art composed almost entirely of samples taken from other artists’ songs, plus minor original instrumentation by Girl Talk

bobbleheads/Bobblehead-landia – Published on Mar 27, 2012 by cat5surfphotos

popped out/3d Stereogram Animation 3dw100522.mpg – Uploaded by xyoureyes

crashing/|| MWS || Your World is Crashing Down! – Published by MangaWorksStudio

missiles/World’s Weirdest : “Missile” Birds – National Geographic

scramble/Paul McCartney And Jimmy Fallon Sing “Scrambled Eggs” – Published by latenight: Sir James Paul McCartney is an English musician, singer, songwriter and composer who with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, gained worldwide fame as a member of the Beatles; Jimmy Fallon is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host currently hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a late-night talk show but is best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998–2004

lives//To Life: Vanessa’s Wedding Surprise – Uploaded by usnavi whose surprise for his wife Vanessa on their wedding day comprised of all of Vanessa’s close friends and family who rehearsed for a month in secret, leading up to the reception

zig zags/Girl I love you – MC Magic ft Zig Zag – Uploaded by unangeldark: Marco Cardenas (aka MC Magic) is a Mexican rapper, songwriter and record producer, known for rapping and singing, both in English and Spanish; Zig Zag is a Phoenix AZ/Chicano rapper, former NB Ridaz member (as was MC Magic although there was a contentious breakup)

zig zags/ZIG-ZAG im Scheelesaal Vol.5 Text by: Roland Krispin – Sternenmeer, Uploaded by Thommy61187: Zig Zag, a band from Berlin, is comprised of Ille Hamma and Sascha Sinisa Licanin, both who sing and play various instruments

innocent/Ghost in the Shell: Innocence – Opening – Innocence is a sequel to Ghost in the Shell (literally “Mobile Armored Riot Police”) which is based on the Japanese seinen manga series featuring counter-terrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi, in a futuristic Japan

shattered/”Shattering Time and Space” – Original Music – Uploaded by i1ikerice

million/Lego Star Wars – For the millionth time, i didn’t make this – Uploaded by 21danil

pieces/Janis Joplin – Piece of My Heart (live with Big Brother & The Holding Company) – Janis Lyn Joplin (1943 – 1970) was an American singer and songwriter from Port Arthur, Texas who in her youth was ridiculed by her fellow students due to her unconventional appearance and personal beliefs but got her comeuppance when she rose to fame in the late 60s as lead singer of psychedelic-acid rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company, later becoming a solo artist with the more soulful and bluesy backing groups, The Kozmic Blues Band and The Full Tilt Boogie Band

00 – introduction
01 – pick your ePoison
02 – plug in or be obsolete
03 – eJunk in the trunk
04.1 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 1: IN THE BEGINNING
04.2 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 2: STRANGE MISSILES
04.3 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 3: HUNGER
04.4a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4a: ANOTHER DIMENSION
04.4b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 4b: SPOTTED!
04.5a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5a: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
04.5b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 5b: SEE WHAT I SEE?
04.6a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6a: DARKNESS
04.6b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 6b: LIFE AND DEATH
04.7a – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7a: LIFE IS SUFFERING
04.7b – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 7b: FREE WILL
04.8 – once upon a time in YouTube/episode 8: LAY IT ALL OUT/FINALE
05 – kDrama: Arang and the Magistrate/Reply 1997/The Great Doctor
06 – jDorama: Iki mo Dekinai Natsu
07 – the evil that lurks behind the web curtain
08 – back to the future: The King of Dramas 드라마의 제왕
09 – of turkey and vampires: Let the Right One In vs Twilight