Be forewarned—spoilers scattered throughout.

(For those of you who are just interested in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN,
go towards the middle of this post, right above the little blurbs about BUFFY and DARK SHADOWS.)

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My web addiction is not just with Asian dramas. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the chance to submerge into my inner darkness (not the DEXTER-esque dark passenger type of darkness) by viewing vampire flicks online.

Bromance is brewing in DEXTER.

. . .
For the life of me, I cannot stomach the undead in the form of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, nor the TWILIGHT movie franchise.

I liked Kristin Stewart in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN because waiting for some Prince Charming to get the ball rolling is just so… 50s. So yeah, I had no problem with Snow—taking a page from Joan of Arc—leading her troops to take back her kingdom (same grrrl power vibe when Dexter’s little sis, Deb, made lieutenant in charge of her police unit).

. . .
It was the first time I’d seen Stewart (not counting when she played Jodie Foster’s kid in PANIC ROOM) and I liked her so much that I tried the TWILIGHT movies. Two-thirds of the way in on the first one and I just couldn’t watch it anymore, despite the ample eye candy flickering in and out of every scene.

. . .
Then I tried the TWILIGHT SAGAs. I pretty much fast forwarded all of the first one. I get that a human-vampire mutt is unprecedented but a whole movie of her coming to term? No matter how visually startling it was to see Stewart morphing into a near death state, a story would’ve been nice. Even just flashing back to how similar but failed scenarios might have occurred in vampire history would’ve done it, but no, we’re stuck with staring at Stewart all film long. The second part of the saga looks promising because it seems they’re letting her lead the pack but again, it seems based on the flimsiest of story lines.

. . .
I figured vampires deserved the more drawn out television format so that their history or myriad levels of hellish existence could be fleshed out. I took a peek at THE VAMPIRE DIARIES because they have a bunch of seasons, so it must be good, right? Wrong. I could not get past the first episode—heck, I couldn’t even get to the end of the first episode and it’s not the first time I tried to do so—enough said.

Well, vampire lovers, fear not, because there is good vampire viewing to be had in the form of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. It’s a Swedish flick that is “sweet” but not shy in showing the savage ferocity and ugliness of a vampire kill. It also gives you an idea of how “reality” can affect vampires in their day-to-day lives. Human fallibility comes into play. There’s no false justification that makes it okay for humans to coexist with certain vampires if they attack or kill just the bad and evil people who deserve to die. The vampires in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN don’t have the luxury to make that distinction, which of course, makes it all the more heart wrenching.

. . .
I didn’t watch BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER this weekend because I’d seen it all when it aired so long ago, but you can’t talk vampires without mentioning BUFFY. It has the look and sound of a stupid teen flick and then it dawns on you how absolutely brilliant the dialog is. BUFFY has a way of highlighting social issues (bullying, peer pressure, GBLT, domestic violence, addiction) that’s not shoved down your throat. It’s not just your typical cute gal falling for a cute guy/vampire (which is so VAMPIRE DIARIES and TWILIGHT).

. . .
I also didn’t watch DARK SHADOWS this weekend, again because I’d seen enough of it some time ago. I vaguely remember it as a TV soap from way back when. I don’t remember if I liked it but it’s certainly more interesting than your average daytime soap. I didn’t realize it until writing this post, but the vampire, Barnabus, didn’t even show up until one year after the soap aired when all I had remembered was him.

. . .
Likewise, I don’t remember if I liked the movie version with Johnny Depp. What I remember is that it was kinda fun and had great 70s music (the TV version was set in the 60s) but after seeing LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, everything pales in comparison. You could say SHADOWS (the movie) is a different genre because it’s comedic but so was BUFFY. The thing that elevated BUFFY to a similar stratosphere as LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is how it tackled social issues. I think SHADOWS attempted that but didn’t make as deep an impact as the other two.

. . .
There’s actually a whole lot of other vampire movies I didn’t even touch on like the film adaptations of Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, THE LOST BOYS (which was wicked good), BLADE (great comic-y take on vampire killing), UNDERWORLD (great grrrl powered vampire/werewolf flick), not to mention all the vampire movies from other countries, but then this post would just go on and on, eternally, like some vampire wearing out its welcome, so I’ll just put a stop to it now…

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